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Aug 23 '14

So whenever we call for more diversity in comics creators, the white dudes already working in the business come out of the woodwork, all defensive and shit.

I think I know why:

You know how, as women, we are raised with this sort of understanding that we are all, collectively, competing with each other for one of a few precious positions: as a wife (because we are without value if not attached to a man), as a coworker (the token woman), or the highly coveted “you’re not like other girls” a.k.a. “one of the guys”?  It’s toxic and awful and shitty and pervasive.  I can’t speak to other experiences, such as those of nb or poc folks, but I suspect they may be, in many ways, similar in this case.  We are all the Highlander, only not as cool and without ready access to swords and magic lightning.

So here’s the thing:  when we tell the comics industry “hey, we like a lot of what you’re doing, but we also have problems with a lot of what you’re doing. WHAT IF y’all hired more women (and queer people and poc and and and and)?  What those white dudes hear is THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE (dozen or so) and they panic because OH HOLY SHIT IF THEY HIRE A WOMAN (or a black person or a gay person etc. etc.) THEN I WILL BE OUT OF A JOB.

When in reality, what we’re saying is, “dude. Bendis is writing, like, a bajillion titles. Let someone else have a crack at it.” or ” You want to introduce a new book? About a woman? Why not use the opportunity to bring in new talent? Or let talent that only gets to shine periodically really flex?”

And I think these guys are all freaking out extra hard because THEY AREN’T USED TO FEELING LIKE THIS.  It’s why we can’t figure out why they can’t figure it out!  We KNOW this feeling.  We know it intimately. It’s in our bones, constantly trying to undermine our attempts at mutual support because we were brought up to think that we are only allowed one representative in any group, that our survival and inherent value is based on our ability to be not like the other girls (etc.).  She wears short skirts I wear blah blah.  Other girls have tans and fake tits blah blah blah.  But we are learning to recognize this inbuilt toxicity and to fight back. 

And those sorry ass white dudes don’t have that yet. They don’t know that it isn’t a competition, it’s a collective effort.

I hope they figure it out soon.  Because Jessica Drew deserves her own book, and a good one, as do so many other comic characters, and I want to read them.

Aug 21 '14
Jul 2 '14


Once again, I invite everyone to channel their Remender-related rage and disgust into an email to I’m pretty sure that he’s got the children of a Marvel higher-up held hostage in his basement or something, given how much vile shit they’re letting him get away with doing to characters that have a lot of attention from a recent film, but it’s worth a try.

If you’re okay with your email being published, mark it “okay to print.” I could type up a quick form-letter that you guys could c/p and send out en masse, if that’s something people would be interested in.

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Jun 25 '14

also, should i be buying Original Sins? 

I’m so behind in so many books, will the storyline even make sense?

(TBH I’m really here for Villalobos’ art, but I’m not even seeing it in the preview)


May 11 '14

I finally read the Futures End FCBD issue #0 and here’s what it is/does:
All the way down to the ads, it PERFECTLY encapsulates everything that DC’s been doing wrong for the last few years.

Tags: comics
Apr 21 '14


So, this exists.


My pal Landry (as I understand it, please correct me if I’m wrong here) snapped that picture at WonderCon and — Yeah. 

I don’t imagine anyone’s waiting on bated breath for the moral authority of the guy who wrote Morbius: The Living Vampire, I’m pretty sure close to 100% of humanity doesn’t give a shit about what I’ve got to say here, but this — combined with the recent horrible treatment of my other pal Janelle (and who knows how many women who dared speak their mind when they, hey, guess what, don’t appreciate being treated like a subspecies because they like something and/or don’t like it when women are portrayed in that thing they like as said subspecies) — makes me feel uncomfortable just sitting back and watching this stuff roll down my screen.  Namely because the other thing I’ve seen people repost is how much some of these assholes love how male comics creators aren’t, to quote, “taking the bait.”

If you’re someone who sees that shirt and realizes why it’s offensive/stupid, there’s no need to click the ‘read more’ here. If you don’t, well, click on.

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Apr 16 '14

Anonymous asked:

I don't get it... What's so bad about Hank?


For those of you who do not know, Hank Pym is also known as Ant-Man, Giant-Man, Yellowjacket, and Henry. He is married to Janet Van Dyne and is an ‘original Avenger’. He is present in both Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and Avengers Assemble (as of this week). The Ant-Man movie is set to debut in 2015.

Now that the formalities are out of the way, I will tell you what is so bad about Hank Pym.

Put simply, Hank Pym has little respect for anyone, especially women. He treats his wife like absolute crap, ignoring her while she dotes at his feet. Arguably, Jan stayed with Hank at the beginning because they worked in the same laboratory, but, as time went on, I believe that she became dependent on their relationship (this is especially obvious in Earth’s Mightiest Heroes).

Hank saw her dependency and abused it. He used her for her working brain, her willingness to obey, and her body. Hank has no respect for Jan as a person and even smacks her around in an attempt to make her see things his way.

No matter how hard Jan worked to be a ‘good wife’, she was unable to meet Hank’s obscene standards, often driving him into a fit of rage.

Like a lot of people who experience abuse, Jan was never able to leave her abuser. But neither of them hid the torment that rattled their marriage.


Even though she has been used and tossed aside by her husband, Jan never loses faith that they could have a normal life together… or as normal as a life as two avengers could get. But Hank sought recognition for his own alias, casting her and her attempts to help aside in favor of more ‘personal’ goals.

Hank not only abuses Jan, but he also cheats on her multiple times. He even had an affair with their fellow avenger Tigra (who was actually off to the right in the panel two pictures ago).


I said Hank cheated on Jan ‘multiple times’ and here is the proof. 

(I do not know who this woman is; however, I think that this image definitely says something about Hank’s character.)

Let’s get away from the sins that Hank has committed against his wife to round out his wonderful personality.

Hank Pym is well known in the science community, and, like a lot of Marvel’s characters, is a contender for the ‘world’s smartest human’ (next to Tony Stark, Reed Richards, and Bruce Banner).  He invented Pym Particles (the little particles that allow him to grow and shrink into his different aliases) along with a few other nifty toys.

 His inventions included a wonderful AI named Ultron who eventually rebelled and attempted to destroy the free world.

(The scientist in me wants to scoff at the idea that a biochemist is working with nanoparticles and AI units, but I will refrain from going off on that tangent)

Ultron aside, Pym does not forgive anyone for their transgressions and I would argue that he uses his ‘intelligence’ to justify the way that he treats people. I myself have a bias towards Bruce Banner and I take offense to the way that he often talks down to the nuclear physicist.

The only example I can find of this issue is: 

(I think it is also important to note that both Banner and Pym have doctorates in Nuclear Physics and Biochemistry (respectively) and are esteemed members of the science community)

In the most recent Avengers Assemble cartoon, Pym harbors a sort of holier-than-thou attitude towards both Sam Wilson and Tony Stark – two very capable scientists – for no reason other than that it is inconvenient for him to assume that they know enough about the particles.

Throughout the totality of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Hank talks down to everyone, including Tony (who I personally think is more intelligent and more successful than Hank). He looks the team (especially Jan and Steve) over whenever he’s ‘working’, unable to be distracted for a second from his work.

In Marvel Zombies, Hank incapacitates T’Challa (the Black Panther and a close friend) and holds the Wakandan king captive (and human) so that Zombie!Hank could have a sort of ‘snack’ whenever he got hungry.
Hank hides the meal from his starving Zombie!wife and when Jan finds out, she is not happy.

Threatened by Jan’s promise to return to the lab with Colonel America, Hank grows in size, swiping his wife off the floor with a giant hand. Without hesitation, he quickly bites her head off and spits it to the ground, disgusted by the taste, not by his actions.

God knows I can continue this discussion for hours, but I this is all I have to say on the topic as of right now.

If you need me to clarify anything, please don’t hesitate to drop by my ask box.

Apr 14 '14
Mar 27 '14
Mar 14 '14

X-Men #13


In this upcoming issue, I have this scene with Monet, and I really wanted her to look strong… not comic book superhero-strong, but real life strong, and so I sent artist Clay Mann this shot of Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet:


and asked for a build like that on Monet.  Which I got:


Love it.