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wOrK tOgEtHeR tO rUiN sHiT
Feb 25 '12

I have a problem with Outlaws #6



Mainly the whole Jason prancing around naked throughout the issue. Well my issue isn’t so much that Jason is naked it’s that all the fangirls/boys threw a fucking fit in the first issue about Starfire. How she’s being objectified even though she flat out said that it was all about “free love” as far as her people were concerned. People got their panties in a twist because of swimsuit as well, so I’m wondering why these same people aren’t so up in arms about Jason’s scantly clad moment. In fact they seemed rather pleased. So objectifying women within comics is okay, but not men right? Makes total fucking sense. Next time you pick up a cause don’t fuck yourself in the ass with contradictions. It makes you look like an idiot.

Just sayin’

Ahhh, the argument that has never been argued before.

  • +5 for “But comics objectify men, too, see!” 
  • +5 for “double standard - you post Jason Todd nearly nude/shirtless” 
  • +5 for “people concerned about sexual objectification of women are just hypocrites!”
  • +5 for “she wasn’t objectified!!!”
  • +5 for “it was just a swim-suit!”
  • +5 for “don’t pick up this cause since you don’t even know what you’re talking about, idiots!” 
  • +5 for “people who were upset about sexism just were petulant children who threw a fit!”

Well, now we know — SEXISM IS OVER

BINGO!  What do I win?!

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    The problem here is that people are still reading Red Hood and the Outlaws
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    well i will buy this one
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    Why it doesn’t matter: objectifying men doesn’t do damage to the view/treatment of them, as a whole, in society....
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    ^ same
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    You win a scantily clad Jason Todd…but I’m afraid he’s been gender swapped. He’s now a scantily clad comic book lady...
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    BINGO! What do I win?!
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    I…I feel like you’re trying to claim people are being sexist against men, or male characters in comics, when that’s not...
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    All of that is irrelevant and conjecture as you didn’t even take the time to hear me out I respect your stance and...